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Strengthen Your Brand with a Logo

brandWe have all connected with brands through their logos. We can see, hear, touch and sometimes even taste them! Think about your favorite candy bar, cola, car or sports team. Your connection to each begins with the brand…their logo.

What’s your logo look like?

Your contracting company’s logo is the entry point to your brand. It is your brands front door or visual identifier. Everything that goes into that logo; the colors, font, style and overall look provide the image your business is projecting.

A logo provides impact

Your logo choice will help or hinder prospects in their decision to use you based on trust. Make your logo memorable by making sure it is simple, clear and consistent. It should work on all media platforms and be just as recognizable in black and white as it is in color.

Your tagline as a call to action

Don’t wimp out and use a passive voice when coming up with your slogan. Here is a little test, tell me which headline you like more:

“We Make Bathrooms Beautiful”


“We can help you make your bathroom look new again”

Now, if you have read this blog for a while and you said the 1st one, then we’re cool. If you said number two, stop reading this blog right now because you haven’t learned a thing and there are better things both of us can do with our time!

Next Steps

Instead of just using a tag line for your slogan or tag line, use a short, bulleted list to promote features and benefits. Showing you understand your customer’s pain by sympathizing with them will also help close the sale by making your company the solution to their problem.

Finally, focusing on what sets you apart from your competition will help with those that shop strictly on price, just avoid naming them directly.

If you need a logo, it is one of the services we provide here that we don’t always promote. But if you email me now through my contact page, and tell me you need a new look to help bring in new business, we can get one done for you…at a great price! So go ahead, click here to email me.

One response to “Strengthen Your Brand with a Logo”

  1. Chris Spoerl Avatar
    Chris Spoerl

    Very good article. Major corporations spend millions of dollars on their logos. You don’t need a million dollars to design a professional logo, just be creative.