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Ad Copy

  • Ad Design by Design

    Ad design and layout is equal parts art and science. The science is the math in knowing what converts and how well. The art comes from the creative. A strong call to action with a solid USP always wins. But how you position those components on the page – direct mail – flyer – even…

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  • Contractor Marketing Ideas: What Are Benefits?

    Yesterday I talked about the difference between features and benefits. After re-reading the post, I came up with an even easier way for you to determine the difference between the two. Benefits answer the “What’s in it for me?” question every consumer has when looking for a home improvement contractor. That’s why your marketing has…

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  • Targeting Buyers With PPC Advertising

    PPC advertising, done correctly, allows you to reach a valuable, ready-to-buy set of customers at a point-in-time when they are actively seeking information about your product or service. And since they are fully engaged, and looking for help in selecting products and services and businesses to meet their needs, you must have your business front…

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