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The 7-Pack Shuffle, Retargeting & Why Contractors Should Worry

28BUX8PGN0How’s the traffic recently on your site? Down? If you used to rank in the 7-pack, that local map thingy Google uses to display some local businesses, you may want to check and see if you still do.

You see, Google has moved from 7 local search results to just 3…just 3…just 3!

That is a huge shift in local organic results for anyone who appeared in places 4 through 7. If you ranked in spots 4-7 and DIDN’T have some type of paid placement, then you just got Googled with your pants on.

Now, you know I’ve been screaming for years to expand your marketing and don’t rely so heavily on SEO and 1st page placement…but you’ve been busy…I get it.

To try and claw back you can do a couple things to help move the needle:

  1. Make sure you are inside Google My Business and doing all the things there you need to to have a complete profile. Make sure your info is correct, make sure you have a physical street address and localized phone number.
  2. Make sure your address and phone number are consistent throughout your site and ON THE REST OF THE WEB TOO! Google doesn’t like seeing one phone number here and a different address there…it has to be the same all over. Remember, Google is selling trust in their results, so mixed up numbers and different addresses (or P.O. Boxes) makes them crazy!
  3. Remarketing-We use remarketing on our site to show ads to anyone who visits our site. You may have seen the bright yellow construction sign-type ads as you search the web that say contractor marketing on them? Yeah, that’s us. We do it because it works and it isn’t dependant on a search result, which is something I’ve been preaching to you for like, ever!!!

The realities are that paid media is a great solution for the hiccups the search engines throw at you and it can definitely help you if you’ve lost your place on the 7-Pack placement, which oh by the way, is now called the Snack Pack. Get it?

If you want to figure out how remarketing on social media and Google can help get you in front of more eyeballs, click here for more info.

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