The Easiest Thing to Guarantee…Your Word!

contractor-marketing-ideasIn a market full of copycat assholes all stealing your clients or customers, ad copy and website pictures, there is one thing none of them can take away…

Your Word!

You old heads out there know exactly what I’m talking about. You built solid businesses, sent kids to college and paid for summer homes trading on your word.

You young guys, stop fucking it up!

Stop taking deposits and showing up weeks later, stop telling people you are going to use one thing, then use something else. There is a guy out there hunting down assholes that do that!

Holmes on Homes

And you don’t want that guy coming in behind your shit, that’s for sure. So go out and mean what you say and say what you mean.

How to market that?

If your local industry custom is to guarantee the work for 5 years, do it for 10, do it for 20, hell, do it for life. What difference does it make? If you do good work, you won’t have more than 1-2% of your jobs that you will have to go back in on.

And even if you do, those revisits represent additional selling opportunities to the homeowner, their family and friends and their neighbors.

Be different when not being consistent!

Be that company that kills the competition in service and value, and earn a reputation one handshake at a time…that’s old-school social media right there boys and girls. No go forth and get r’ done!