The Upside to a Down Market

Can’t see video: Click here

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  1. For some reason Darren, I have been unable to view your videos lately in any browser, On any comp. Perhaps a third party site you are using that is block via part of my ‘comp security settings’. Can’t see video: Click here… just reloads current page.

    • Hey Shawn,

      What time of day are you looking. Sometimes I forget to turn them to “public” on youtube.

  2. Varies. Today right now and when I posted my first comment are two of the times – Today I am posting from chrome and the video isn’t shown nor is it in FF & IE

    • Hey Shawn, can you send me a screen capture? I have to think it is a setting on your system, do you turn off/on anything in your browsers? Do you see other videos on other sites that are hosted on YouTube?