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To Every Season…

Hey everyone, Darren here, contextually speaking. It has been a while since I posted this way, and I think I might go back to posting in this format (for the most part) because quite frankly…I like it.

Sure you guys have spent the summer looking at my handsome mug, but I have the urge to type…A lot, so watch out, here it comes.

How was your summer?

Mine was good, I am getting divorced. Yep, that’s right boys and girls; the Mrs. has had enough of me being pent-up in the office talking to you guys for her liking.


It’s on to bigger and better things here at Darren’s. And I plan on doing a lot of good things to help you guys get ready for next year…or the rest of this year, whichever you happen to be working on.

But since you can’t manage what you don’t track, let’s start off by me asking how was the busiest time of the year for you? Did you get done what you planned? Did the jobs come more easily this year over last? How much did you spend to get each job?

All good points for you to ponder…because you can’t make changes if you don’t know your numbers!

I know you have been crazy-busy, but now is when you have to make the changes you need in order to make sure you don’t have another suck ass year next year.

So, let me ask you a few questions you need to ask yourself:

  1. Was your revenue year over year higher?
  2. Was your profit year over year higher? Did you make a profit?
  3. What did you spend on advertising?
  4. What was your cost per lead? Is that higher or lower than last year?
  5. And what are you going to do to be a better contractor tomorrow?

These really are rolling questions that you should be asking yourself every day, but as the seasons change, lives change, and the opportunity for a new beginning sweeps down upon all of us, we should take a second to take stock of what makes us…well, us. As a businessperson, husband or wife, father or mother.

Cause these times, they are a changin’!

9 responses to “To Every Season…”

  1. Christian Spoerl Avatar
    Christian Spoerl

    Great article. Nice work Rocky on going back to the basics ! KUDOS !

    1. Darren Avatar

      Thanks Chris…the MFCEO!

  2. Tess Wittler Avatar
    Tess Wittler

    Well said, Darren. Particularly liked this: “we should take a second to take stock of what makes us…well, us.” What makes us who we are as people is vital to trust … and correlates in business, too.

    1. Darren Avatar

      Hey Tess….Thank you! And thank you for everything!


  3. Wayne Avatar

    Hi Darren,
    Just won’t to wish you strength on your new journey. Yes live is constantly changing more rapidly now days for all of us. I just need to keep my eye on the target and eventually the curves will straighten out.

    I enjoy reading your articles you bring common sense and knowledge to real challenges.


    1. Darren Avatar


      I appreciate that sir! And that is a great quote! The curves will straighten! Awesome! Thanks for commenting!


  4. Concrete Pumps Avatar
    Concrete Pumps

    Great list of questions to ask and your right. This is a list which is full of rolling questions which should constantly be revisited. Thanks for bringing this back to light. Looking forward to your coming posts. Good luck! Dave

    1. Darren Avatar

      Thanks Dave!

  5. Chris Haught Avatar
    Chris Haught

    Nice post Darren, I’ll take you either way, look forward to reading more!