To Video or Not to Video?


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5 responses to “To Video or Not to Video?”

  1. Darren,
    I’ve voted but would like to also send an explanation. I think the video format is a great idea, however as a contractor on the go all the time, I review my e-mails on my iPhone most of the time. This device is unable to accomodate your current video format so I’m forced to relegate your message to a “holding” folder until I get to the office to open it.
    I would advise switching to a YouTube based format if possible which is available to most mobile devices.
    I hope this helps.

  2. Darren,
    The audio and video did not match/sync on this last video post. Don’t know if it is something on my end or your end?

    • I noticed that too Sam, I think that was a YouTube thing. It was sync’d when I uploaded.

  3. I like having the synopsis in the text below the video. I don’t watch many videos for two reasons, one, I could spend eternity watching all the ones I come across and two, I’m usually watching tv or listening to audiobooks or music while surfing the net. Having the synopsis below allows to decide if I want to watch the whole video.