There is a difference in marketing between trying and failing and not trying at all.

One of my clients, Chris Spoerl at Magic Pool Services tries all kinds of things to keep his Orlando-based pool cleaning company front and center when people look for a pool cleaner in his area.

Landing pages, PPC, flyers, mailers, cold calling, telemarketing. You name it, we have done it over the last year. And his business is successful for it.

But we crap the bed just like everyone!

Are there stinkers? Sure! We have campaigns that suck…but we learn from each and every one of them. We are trying to figure out what makes buyers tick in his area, what offers work, what incentives motivate people to buy.

Because at the end of the day, you can’t manage what you don’t track!

Then there are others reading this post, maybe even you, who don’t try anything…and complain the whole time about how slow business is.

What are you afraid of?

Don’t tell me budgets, because most of the things we do are low or no cost. Don’t tell me time, because God gave us all the same 24 hours in a day, and instead of football on Sunday (easy for me to say, my Eagles suck!) or Holmes on Homes, you could be developing content or landing pages for your website or reading up on using features and benefits in your advertising.

The point is I want you to try and fail instead of just doing nothing. Because nothing gets you closer to a buyer while trying and failing helps you understand your client or customer, your marketplace and your business.