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Turkey, Books & Habitat for Humanity-What These Three Things Mean to You!


Sometimes I make my newsletter available here on the site even though it is meant for my newsletter subscribers, but I think this one is pretty important…so here goes!

What Habitat for Humanity, a Free Book and Thanksgiving Have in Common-YOU!

So, this week’s newsletter actually got it’s roots in an email from a newsletter reader like you about a year ago. Michael Hartrich, founder of the Santa Cruz Construction Guild reached out to me, said he liked my work and wanted to talk.

Fast forward a year and today I am happy to announce Michael is publishing his book “Internet & Social Media for Builders” on Amazon with yours truly pitching in and contributing a chapter to on websites.

Now, the book is going to retail on Amazon for $9.95, but Mike is giving it away free for the next week to build up reviews and give back to the builder/construction community.

Speaking of giving back…

As I said, Mike runs The Santa Cruz Construction Guild, which is a strong supporter of Habitat for Humanity, and $5 of every book sold is going to be donated to the cause.

If you have gotten anything out of my website, anything out of these newsletters, I want you to do me a solid and head on over to Amazon with the link below and download your free copy of Mike’s book…BUT MAKE SURE YOU LEAVE HIM A REVIEW!

So, give a little bit back this Thanksgiving by dropping Mike a review, and have something to read (for FREE) while you are vegetating on the couch between courses of turkey stuffing and turkey sammys.

Enjoy, have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving, and get the book!

Michael Hartrich’s “Internet & Social Media for Builders Link

2 responses to “Turkey, Books & Habitat for Humanity-What These Three Things Mean to You!”

  1. Chris Haught Avatar
    Chris Haught

    Darren, I read the book and would highly recommend it to any contractor whose needs to get their head wrapped around Social Media, it’s well done!

    1. Darren Avatar

      Thanks Chris very much! Happy you enjoyed it.