Tuesday 28th March 2023
Durbar Marg, Kathmandu

I was asked how I use Twitter and Google+. So, I describe how Twitter is really me just riffing while Google+ is my long-form question-filled way of getting you to think about your business. I give contractors a few tips on how to use it to improve your business.

4 thoughts on “How I Use Google+ and Twitter

    1. It’s all about bringing them back to your place! In fact, that is the title of my next post! Have a good weekend Chris!

  1. Good tips as ever.

    You should compile some marketing commandments. 1st – Show them how to do it, then charge them to do it.

    1. Thanks Andy! That’s contractor 101 isn’t it? You can show me how to paint like you, but sure as hell I am going to take out my credit card and pay you to do it! lol. Thank you sir for stopping by and commenting!

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