Using a percentage off versus an actual dollar amount makes people crazy. All of a sudden they are forced to do math and like most of us over the last 50 years…we stink at math. Blame it on a poor public school system, blame it on lack of attention during Mr. Talbot’s 9th grade Algebra class.

Blame it on whatever you want…but blame it mostly on you!

Here’s why you shouldn’t use percentage off in your marketing.

1. People don’t focus on the project, they focus on the math.
2. People respond much higher to a dollar amount off.

And here’s the big reason…

What good is showing a percentage off number when Mrs. Jones doesn’t have all the info?

In other words, if you don’t provide the final price, your percentage off is just an abstraction. What good is telling her that you will give her 10% off in your ads if you don’t tell her what the 10% equals by giving her the price?

So…don’t complicate your message. A dollar amount moves people to action, doesn’t cause confusion and makes it ok for people who didn’t pay attention through Mr. Talbot’s 9th grade Algebra class…twice.