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Using Landing Pages? Do This

construction website designToday I’m going to talk to you about landing pages on your construction website. If you don’t know what a landing page is, it’s not unlike your typical website page where you talk about the specific business lines that you provide, say kitchen remodeling or additions or whole home renovations.

It’s a page on your site that you send people to from other parts of the web, whether it be pay per click traffic or social media. It’s also an action page or a page you want people to do something ; fill out a form, download an app or email you.

The problem that I see in the marketplace is there’s a lot of contractors who buy into these landing page companies that prebuild a stock landing page for you, and they’ll either give you the code for it to place on your website or they’ll give you a completely your own standalone page, away from your site.

Can you imagine paying for traffic that’s sending people away from your own website? Anyway, they’ll give you a nice pretty page that goes to a different site on the web where people will go and hopefully fill in their information for you to reach out to them.

The problem with that and with home improvement websites is that you’re not selling pizzas, you’re not a transactional-based business for the most part. I mean, you know, plumbers, electricians, they’re kind of more transactional, but if you’re doing major remodeling, homebuilding, renovations, things like that, you need to educate and teach people about you in terms of why you’re good for them, not just talking about you. You’re not going to get that on a page that just has a happy little home owner standing there with the kids or playing in the yard while they do yard work.

That’s not going to work!

You have to have content on that page to describe to them exactly why you’re the perfect fit. You need to either write that content or have somebody write that content for you because I promise you if you’re paying for these pages, your conversion rate is going to go much higher if you’re able to explain to these people what the benefit is of using you versus everybody else they see in the market place.

So if you have landing pages, if you’re thinking of doing a landing page program, remember, a bunch of smiling faces and some new vinyl siding on the back and a lead capture form isn’t going to cut it for what you do. Make your contractor website work the way it is supposed to; educate, teach, convert.

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