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Using Surveys: Ask and Ye Shall Receive!

Survey Says…

Do you know the best way to get to the heart of what makes your clients buy? If not, why don’t you ask them! Doing research with surveys is a great way to hone in on exactly what it was that made Mrs. Jones hire your contracting company to build her addition. But it gets even better! But why stop there, dig even deeper. Why not find out what helped them make their decision? In other words, find out what influences where the most important in their buying process.

It could have been your marketing or it could have been a reference, but do you know if it was a combination of the two? If Mrs. Jones simply told you that it was Mr. Walsh that recommended you, but that she was also influenced by your ad in the YP or your radio spot, then you would never know that ad spend helped you close new business. So use surveys to track your client’s through the entire buying process to get at the “real” reason they called!

How to implement a survey

The easy-peasy way to get started is by running frequent surveys (with different questions) on your site. You can also send a follow-up email to your clients once the work is done. Doing the email thing is even easier if you use SurveyMonkey.com , which lets you build a survey then email the link to the page to your clients. Either way, surveys are a great way of getting at the heart of what makes consumers buy!