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What’s The Goal To Marketing? Not Leads, This is!

contractor-marketing-101Whenever I talk to a contractor about doing their site I always ask this question ‘what makes you so good’? And I don’t mean that sarcastically, I’m not trying to come off like an asshole, but I am asking it because I want to know what makes them better because I need to take that and use it to create content.

Normally I’ll get the obligatory ‘best prices’, ‘best customer service’ you know, the standard fare. But I’m going to tell you that if you can build a business whose core principles are based on community and values and relationships, that’s something that another competitor can’t replicate.

They can’t replicate it with their website. They can’t replicate it was social media. They can’t replicate it with their personnel because it’s not in their DNA to do that.

If you can do it a different way, if you can do it a better way, if Mrs. Jones can get a feeling from you that you’re in this project for the long term, and by that I mean you want to build an actual relationship with her long after you’re done, then that’s a core value that competitors just can’t come in and replicate.

So when you’re laying the framework for your business, and you are looking at how you can improve it and do better things for clients and customers, think about those things you value; your relationship with them, your relationship with your community that you operate in and the relationship with your staff and subs.

Keep those things front and center and I promise you that you’ll have a better result because of it. Because when the guy that just started last week is just out trying to make enough to make the truck payment, you’re going to win, because you can’t ever, no matter how much you try, buy trust, and that’s the whole ball game.