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What’s Your Big Idea?

I hope you know, because it’s your company, and you better have one! Your big idea is what gives people their “aha moment”. That momentary point in time when they decide YOU are the right contractor for them.

But big ideas come in the form of many things; sometimes pricing (although I hope not), sometimes in the form of a great reputation, a new twist to an old product or service offering, or maybe it’s how or where you advertise.

Your advertising needs to give a little sizzle

If you want your advertising to be your wow factor, you better be doing it right. And by doing it right I mean differently than every other company in your market. Selling the sizzle is what sells, the steak is the byproduct.

Need an example?

I love using the $9999 basement guys. They have set themselves apart in their marketplace as the GO TO contractor for a sub $10,000 finished basement, and no one is going to touch them. But I bet they do very few $9999 basements, because they do a great job of up-selling the client.

Can you say that you are the GO TO contractor for your particular product or service? If not, who is, and why? Do your homework and find out what makes so many people buy from them. Then maybe you too can become THE contractor to call for a service in your area.

For example, can you be:

The “$79 Unclog Any Drain” plumber?

The “$2999 Kitchen Facelift” remodeler?

How about the “New Kitchen in less than 30 Days” contractor?

If not, but you want to be, find out what holes there are in your current market and try to fill them. Maybe you are not going to be the lowest price, but you can be the fastest, which people would be willing to pay a premium for.

Maybe you compete against some giant behemoth in your market. You could heavily promote “Attention to Detail” type of advertising that the big guy couldn’t touch if they wanted to.

The point is, find your own big idea and make that what makes people call you instead of your competition. It can help you maintain your margins and earn you the reputation as the ONLY contractor from a field of many that give people their “aha moment”.

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One response to “What’s Your Big Idea?”

  1. Chris Spoerl Avatar
    Chris Spoerl

    Working on it Darren. thinking about the $99 Dream Clean !