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When Tech Attacks

For as much as I like technology and all that it provides; the ability to run a business from anywhere, the ability to compete with larger companies and the ability to bring you ideas and suggestions to help improve your own businesses, sometimes technology sucks.

A little background

While I do like most things shiny and new, I am relatively slow to adopt. For example, I don’t have an iPad, I still use an old iPod, and I do just fine with my old 35” TV…for now.

The same goes for my cell phone. I have been a loyal supporter of BlackBerry for years. What sold me back in the day were the push email technology and a functional keyboard for my sausage fingers.

But, like many, I thought it was time to check out a real “Smartphone” so a few weeks ago I dumped my BlackBerry Tour for a Sprint HTC EVO 4.

Without getting into a full-blown review, the EVO is a nice phone from a screen size standpoint. But the battery life is terrible and not having a tactile keyboard was an issue since I do a lot of driving and talking, which requires me to dial with a real keypad. Not to mention, Sprint charges $10 a month more for 4G, which eats battery like my Mountaineer drinks gas, so I couldn’t even use the service.

So I took the EVO back

And back into the loving arms of BlackBerry I went. One problem, when they switched my phones, they deleted all of my messages from Thursday and Friday that were saved in my voicemail, of which there were probably 8. So to the guy in the 610 area code who called me, and the guy from Indiana who called me and the woman from Tulane who called me, I didn’t mean to not call you back, it is just that technology attacked!