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Why a Blog Works So Well For Contractors

Blogging  has the ability over time to really drive leads to your business if you can come up with the right type of posts. With most searches typed into Google, people are asking questions, looking for help and trying to get the right answer, they aren’t looking to be marketed to. At the time of their search, they are looking to buy information, and the best way to market your blog is simply writing great content that helps people.

That’s why the best way to promote your blog is to answer people’s most burning questions…

  1. How much does it cost to paint my house?
  2. Which works better, radiant heat or forced air?
  3. How many types of countertops are there?

The Content For Your Blog Should Answer The Exact Question They Are Typing Into The Search Bar

Each one of those questions are asked thousands of times a month from people just like your best client or customer…and that’s where you come in.

The Basics of Blogging Aren’t About Selling…They Are About Education

You create content that answers those specific questions, post them on your blog, promote them in social media and suddenly your phone is ringing and your inbox is full of people you had no chance of reaching before.

Blogging Does a Few Things Very Well:

  1. Reduces sales cycle by positioning you as the expert.
  2. Maintaining margins – People buying from experts expect to pay more. At the same time, they always want a better deal from a salesperson.
  3. Spend less on advertising-Each new blog post creates another page on your website that answers a question for the 5, 10, 100 or 1000 people looking for an answer each month.

Blogging also gives you a chance to separate yourself by explaining why you are different:

  1. Years in service
  2. Family business vs. large, faceless company
  3. Process or skill set

These are just one of many reasons you might be better than your competition, but if you aren’t blogging, no one knows! So, pick up a pen, pick up a laptop or pick up a company like ours who can help you get that message across.