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Why Contractor Website Templates Are Like The Trunk Slammers of The Website Trade


deskWhy you should avoid contractor website templates at all costs: If you’re looking for a new restaurant to try, a place to buy a new sofa, or a company to remodel your kitchen, where do you look first? 15 years ago, your answer probably would have been the newspaper or your local phonebook.

Today though, all the information you need is available at your fingertips through the wonder of the internet.

Setting up a website can be an intimidating way to spend a Saturday, especially if you don’t have any experience, which is why it is so tempting to find a contractor website template to drop your information into.

Sure you can get you online much faster and often much cheaper than building a custom contractor website, but listed below are 3 reasons you should avoid a contractor website template at all cost.

1. They say you never have a second chance to make a first impression which is especially true when it comes to websites. If you rely on a popular contractor website template, then it’s possible that some other company has already made that first impression for you. It will be twice as hard to set yourself apart from other contracting companies if your website looks like every other page on the web.

2. Templates look like templates. No matter how much customization you are able to do to your template, it will still look like you’re using a template. While it is true that templates can save you money and get you online faster than crafting a custom website, using a contractor website template will make it look like you’re cutting corners. No one is going to hire a company for a $50,000 remodeling job if they think the company cuts corners. It’s as simple as that.

3. Website templates are not always mobile friendly. Mobile friendly websites are the most important tool to online marketing in 2015. If a potential customer can’t see your website while on their mobile device, they often will bypass it in favor of a site they can navigate from their phone. Even Google has weighed in on the importance of mobile friendly websites, changing their search algorithms in April of 2015 to reflect mobile-friendliness.

While templates can be a great tool if you don’t have a web presence at all and need to get on the net, they shouldn’t be considered a long-term solution.

If you do need a strong, stable presence on the web, consider investing in a custom-designed website that will set you apart from the template-users, both in the eyes of Google (and other search engines) and of your customers.

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