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Why I Will Only Post Videos to YouTube and Why You Should Too, Part 1

About 20% of the posts here on darrenslaughter.com are video posts. Up until last week, I used a service from TubeMogul to upload and distribute my videos to about 6 other video sites all at once. TubeMogul does all the behind the scenes leg work to get your videos up on the most popular video sharing sites without having to log into each one and upload your video one by one.

Then last Sunday (during the Eagles win over the hapless Lions) I was trying to upload a video when I got this message:

After a few emails back and forth with their customer care, I had to come to grips with the fact that I am not a businessman, but a business, man. In other words, TubeMogul considers my site here a commercial enterprise and therefore I need to pay for their distribution service. That’s fine, except they charge $100 a month for something I can do for free.

So, I opted not to upgrade. But while considering what to do next with library of video posts, I uncovered a nasty little secret many of you need to be aware of if you are going to start to post videos on your sites. For that, you are going to have to tune in tomorrow. That’s right, I am going to make you read on a Friday, so check back in the morning for the rest of this story!