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Why Promote Your Facebook Fan Page Offline?

Just wondering why anyone would promote their Facebook fan page in print advertising. If you can give me a good reason to send people to a site that you don’t own or control versus a targeted landing page on your own site, I will buy you your next coffee! And I will let the other readers decide in the comments below.

6 responses to “Why Promote Your Facebook Fan Page Offline?”

  1. Shawn Warren Avatar
    Shawn Warren

    I feel and have been thinking the same way about all social media sites and even some listing places. Why would I care to direct traffic to those places and thus promoting them and their business? I look for these places to direct traffic towards my main site if at all. I have found that a lot of them are not all what they ‘market’ themselves to be….did I mention that they take up a lot of time and management too?
    Anyway, enough of my rants, I see them (other places) as tools to enhance my main web site. I do however have my FacePage url (in smaller case) under my Domain url on my business card.
    Any advertising I would choose to do would highlight my web site first…period.

    1. Darren Avatar

      Exactly Shawn! Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  2.  Avatar

    I don’t drink coffee, but I’ll still share why I spend money (very little) promoting my FB fan page in print advertising.

    But first, let me define my version of, “Print Advertising.” I have allotted marketing dollars towards two things mentioning our Fan Page: 1) Stitching on the back of hats we wear/give out, 2) Stickers

    The stitching on the hats has gotten a few comments from people behind us in line at the grocery store, etc. People don’t mind reading the back of a hat because they know you can’t see them looking at you. Not sure what our conversion rate is with the hats, but the fact that I’ve been able to have conversations over it with people in line makes me very happy.

    The stickers have been great! We actually have small square stickers with a QR code to get to our fan page. We stick them in very creative places, and the site we used to create the QR code also lets us track how many people scanned them. I figured the number would be very low, but was shocked to find out, it’s in the double digits almost daily.

    Now for the , “Why the Fan Page” part.

    It started with the stickers. We know people are using their mobile phones to scan the QR codes. We also know 750 million people are using Facebook, and have some level of trust with the site. The sticker brings them to our Welcome page asking them to “Like” our page. Once they do this, anything we post on our wall (Blog posts, pics, videos, etc) will show up in their news feed. Basically, Facebook becomes an RSS reader for them, and it’s permission marketing at its best.

    Had the stickers gone to our website, they might have looked at it for a second, and just closed out without taking action…because honestly, how many websites are you bookmarking, subscribing to, or anything else with on your mobile phone? Odds are, it’s nearly zero.

    Marketing our fan page gives us a higher chance at someone taking action (Liking it), and we’re able to show them our posts from our website as if they had visited it themselves. Because the blog post on our wall is just a portion of the post, the person is likely, if the content is interesting, to click through to our site. It’s like the geeky version of Circle of Life.

  3. Shaun McLane Avatar
    Shaun McLane

    Why did I show up as anonymous above? It pulled in my Disqus profile for some reason, but without my name. lol

    1. Darren Avatar

      I dumped Disqus….again!

  4. john shearer Avatar
    john shearer

    IMHO, all print campaigns should point to your website. Unless you are running a print campaign to promote a facebook contest (ie to gain fans). If your facebook page is strong enough it will show up on the first page in serps for your main keywords; and if your FB page links to your main page then you are helping your position and taking up serp real estate.