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Why You Should Be Marketing Online: It’s In the List Silly!

Advertising online is a must these days when trying to build a database of current or future customers for your contracting business. Advertising online allows you to find your target audience and determine what they want, quickly and cheaply. Then, when you can give your clients or customers what they want over and over, you will be able to develop a referral-based business that many long-established contractors have come to depend on. But it’s going to take work and that’s why your efforts to market your business online are even more important!

Establishing an email marketing list

In most cases, consumers give their email addresses to you when you are providing them with something that they want, such as free report or a useful product in exchange for their email address. This allows you to set up your list in a credible way.

In order to help your online advertising efforts, there are a couple of things that you can do to increase your chances of success. First, you should develop a tracking system to determine how successful your various methods of advertising online are.

When you see what is working for you, you can modify your system to make it the most effective it can be. Second, you should use repetition with your customers when you have established a mailing list. Studies show that the majority of clients or customers will not buy the first time they hear about your company or see your products. It may take them seven, ten or fifteen times before they decide that what you do is worthwhile to them.

That’s why you need a full-throated email marketing campaign with consistent follow-up messages every 10-14 days once you have a prospect on your mailing list. You will be interacting with people who are ready to make a buying decision, and your costs to manage an email marketing campaign are minimal. So start building a list of prospects today and reap the benefits of increased sales tomorrow…and the next day…and the next day…you get the idea!