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You Win or Lose Before You Ever Open Your Mouth

People are plastered with information. Therefore, your clients or customers have no other option than to stereotype you and your business…and come to a quick conclusion on doing business with you.

So, if you show up for an estimate after a job and your dirty, and the truck is filthy, and has dents in it and the magnetic logo is skewed, you are going to either never get an opportunity to provide your service or have to give it away so cheap that it makes the job almost not worth doing.

Point is…

Take the time to make each one of your touch points excellent. make it so that your prospects fall in love with you because you are neat and clean, on time, don’t have a five o’clock shadow from the day before. All the things that when forced, work negatively against you when Mrs. Jones has to come to a quick conclusion about your business.

If you have teams in the field, make sure they are properly prepared to interact with your clients or customers as well. There’s a reason the Yankees make you trim your hair and UPS washes their trucks everyday…appearances matter.

One response to “You Win or Lose Before You Ever Open Your Mouth”

  1. Carmen Rane Hudson Avatar
    Carmen Rane Hudson

    I think this is true before they even see your truck. I have often equated a poorly executed (or non-existent) website with that dirty truck!