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Your Customer List as a Defense Against Google

Your Business or Your List!

The recent events about Google and the way they are delivering search results these days should give anyone who uses the web to generate business a case of heartburn. Sure, some of you are experiencing great organic traffic with Google Places and the new layout for the 7-Pack, but don’t think this is going to last because the SEO guys will figure out a way to screw this up for sure. Then Google will have no choice but to reset the algorithm and send everyone for the exits and back to the drawing board.

This is why you need to build your email list!

I have painted a few Google doomsday scenarios over the last few weeks here at Darren’s house of useless knowledge, and I hope you have paid attention and started taking your email list seriously. Because even a list of only a few hundred satisfied customers can be enough to weather a Google search results storm.

What’s the cause for alarm?

Think about it, you are cruising along doing just fine pulling in 25-50 prospects a month through your Google Places page then one day nothing. All of a sudden your once full calendar is looking pretty empty. So you try to rustle up some business advertising in the paper or doing some free or paid ads online. All the while, you are sitting on a goldmine of past customers and you don’t know how to unlock their value.

But I don’t just scold, I teach, or at least freshen up what you might already know. But maybe you don’t know how to get at the dollars locked in that list of yours. Then I want you to pay attention, because tomorrow I am going to give you some fantastic ideas on how to put your customer list to good use in a down economy as well as how to start building a customer list for those of you just starting out or late to the game, so stay tuned America!

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2 responses to “Your Customer List as a Defense Against Google”

  1. Chris Spoerl Avatar
    Chris Spoerl

    Being proactive is the best thing a business owner can do. Let’s face it, everything in life changes, and you need to be prepated

    Utlizing previous or existing customers is the best selling agents money CAN’T buy.

    1. Darren Avatar

      And they are the easiest to sell to! Thanks for stopping by Chris!