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Your Vision is Your Own

One of my recent newsletter topics talked about vision. How developing and running your business based on a vision was key to your success. How once you get buried in the minutia that is your day to day running of your business, you could find yourself losing your vision.

The topic hit home…

I had a client contact me later in the day to ask to help her develop her company’s vision. And that’s where the story ends.

Here’s why

I can’t help you develop your vision. Your vision is your own. It’s why you got into business in the first place. It’s what made you tell your last employer to go fuck themselves, that you could do it better and you weren’t going to take it anymore.

Your vision is your North Star

People try to hire me all the time to help them create their tagline or motto. I tell them to keep their money, that isn’t my job. It’s no one’s job other than the very person willing to pay someone else to create it for them.

I can’t GIVE you or CREATE for you YOUR vision. You have to own that shit. Otherwise, it won’t mean anything to you. Your vision and your motto and your tagline are what you are going to use to motivate your ass to get out of bed on some shitty Saturday morning when you don’t want to.

Your vision is going to be what keeps you focused when you are thinking about expanding, buying or building another business or service.

Your vision is going to be what helps you find your way home when you’ve stopped listening to it for too long and you need to refocus the business and get your shit together…or you won’t.

And that is when you will go out of business

Most businesses succeed or fail by either executing on or forgetting their primary vision. Sure, plenty run out of money or close when they can’t adjust to the shifting tide of a fickle consumer market, but if you dig deep enough, it is because they forgot or ignored what should have been the cornerstone of their business. Their vision.



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