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June 2011

  • Sell Baby Sell

    Your website has one goal…to help you sell to people who are interested in a service your contracting company provides. The art department (graphic arts people) will tell you that your design is important…and it is, but ask the programmer and he or she will tell you it’s all in the code. The point is,…

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  • Getting Things Done…Before There Was a GTD

    I am a new member over on RemodelCrazy.com’s forums, and have been involved in a few of their webinars on sales and marketing. And while everyone on the forum seems to be pretty smart business people, they seem to suffer from the same affliction many of my clients do: Not enough time in the day…

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  • Contractor Websites and The New Rules of SEO

    I hope for your website’s sake that the news in this video is old news. That either you or your website people have kept up to speed on Google’s latest algorithm change (called Panda…after the developer, not the bear) and how it affects search engine optimization today, and what the overall impact is on your…

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