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Sell Baby Sell

Your website has one goal…to help you sell to people who are interested in a service your contracting company provides. The art department (graphic arts people) will tell you that your design is important…and it is, but ask the programmer and he or she will tell you it’s all in the code.

The point is, ask 5 different people with different backgrounds and they will give you 5 different answers. So which one is right?

The one that sells

So what I am going to do is over the next few posts bring you the techniques you need to employ to make sure your website traffic moves through your sales funnel without making them want to hit the back button.

This gets done by developing an overall strategy for your site that incorporates branding, graphics, fonts, colors, content and usability.

But you’re not done there

Once you have figured all that out, you then have to tie it all together in your layout – and to put a finer point on it…the way to use the most important sections of the pages on your site. All of this in an effort to develop a site that is easy for your prospects to use.

So stay tuned, tomorrow I am going to talk about giving your site its overall feel or “brand” image that you want to portray to the Internet universe. And along the way I want you to be involved, I want you to ask questions, I want you to show us what you have done to make your site work for you.

And as long as you agree to that, I promise to keep helping you along your journey to a profitable website!