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May 2012

  • 7 Tips to Building Better Direct Mail for Contractors

    Direct mail is a $40 billion dollar industry that can trace its roots back to the good old Sears catalog, where you could buy anything from mules to tractors to strawberries and ice. We’ve come a long way since those days, but unfortunately most of the direct mail pieces you get today haven’t, which is…

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  • Review: Google+ Local for Contractors & Remodelers

    I wrote a post a few years ago talking about how contractors needed to build social media outposts to gain followers, fans and subscribers. Not because

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  • Facebook Advertising For Contractors: I Wouldn’t Do It!

    Update: This post was published in the early days of Facebook marketing and since then, the social media platform hits new highs in ad revenue each quarter. Going into 2018, I don’t think there is a better ad platform to market on. Facebook marketing for contractors is THE solution to developing leads for the foreseeable future.…

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