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November 2013

  • Turkey, Books & Habitat for Humanity-What These Three Things Mean to You!

    Sometimes I make my newsletter available here on the site even though it is meant for my newsletter subscribers, but I think this one is pretty important…so here goes! What Habitat for Humanity, a Free Book and Thanksgiving Have in Common-YOU!

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  • Why Contractors Need Facebook

    “There are many things of which a wise man might not wish to be ignorant” 
― Ralph Waldo Emerson Now if you are new in the construction business, this question might be a bit too strange to you. Don’t worry. It’s quite natural. I mean if you really think of it, why WOULD a contractor even bother…

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  • SEO Without Social Is a Waste of Money

    Don’t think of social as a linking mechanism. Think of social as a living, breathing way to get people back to your website.

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