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Why Contractors Need Facebook

how to start social media for construction company

“There are many things of which a wise man might not wish to be ignorant” 
― Ralph Waldo Emerson

Now if you are new in the construction business, this question might be a bit too strange to you. Don’t worry. It’s quite natural. I mean if you really think of it, why WOULD a contractor even bother to have a Facebook or Twitter account?

  • What would they do with it?
  • Don’t they have enough on their plate already?
  • Seems kind of pointless doesn’t it?

Well my friend, you clearly don’t have any idea about the power of social media!

Let’s talk about Facebook, research shows that about 1.11 billion people in the world have an active account on Facebook. That’s active…not lying dormant never to be seen again.

People simply like talking and sharing information with their friends and families…the exact group of people who would be a referral prospect…and that is the whole idea of social media!

It provides them a platform to show off, update, pretend…Facts also tell us that the one billion people share, like and comment on an average of 3.2 billion times per day. If your business is good enough and your customers are satisfied, they are going to want to talk about the experience they had with you, with their friends and family who have the same wants and needs as your clients. With just a little strategy on your part, you can trigger the most powerful word of mouth marketing and give your business the kind of exposure it never had, for pretty close to free!

“The goal of social media is to turn customers into promoters…a salesforce who works for free!”

There is just so much social marketing has to offer. As a contractor, with your own page, you could be much closer to your clients and could easily find new customers. By posting material that describes what you do, positioning you as the expert and showing HOW you do things, you could build a special kind of relation with your audience that makes them feel like a part of something much more meaningful.

You could keep a constant check on what the customers liked or hated about their experience with you and immediately work on your mistakes. Let your audience know you are socially connected, updated and always on the go!

So why do contractors need a Facebook account? Simply because no matter how you see it, Facebook is a very powerful marketing tool. The kind of exposure it has to offer and the assistance it provides in improving customer relationship management (CRM) has revolutionized the business world. Anyone, no matter what field he/she belongs to, who denies these facts is going to be eventually left behind in the swarm of new and stronger competitors.

So bottom line, social media websites, like Facebook, provide a massive pool of potential customers for each and every type of business targeting an audience of buyers. All you have to do is to identify your particular target market and turn them into your customers over time, and make sure you have a solid contractor website that converts.


4 responses to “Why Contractors Need Facebook”

  1. Randy Patton Avatar
    Randy Patton

    Darren great info!
    I have been doing this for years and making a lot of great connections and getting business by doing just what you said. I branded myself by being a resource for roof coatings with my blog and website.

    1. Darren Avatar

      You sure did! Hey, maybe you can do a guest post on a “how I do it” kind of thing?

      1. Randy Patton Avatar
        Randy Patton

        I just say this! I would be happy to do a guest post for you!
        Let me know what you want. Maybe you can call me and we can talk.

        1. Darren Avatar

          let me know when you are free!