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Social Media Marketing

  • The Secret to Building Brand for Contractors Online

    It’s 2018, the key to construction marketing is that you’ve got to be using social media, you know that right? You have to be online, you have to. It’s not as if you can say, well, I’ll get a website, I’m good. You have to be online. Pew Research Center says that 71% of female…

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  • 5 Reasons You Still Need to Post on Facebook Regularly

    Sure organic reach on Facebook is at 2%, but it is important to know that a Facebook page has many benefits for contractors who use it to market their businesses. It’s taken a long time to convince a lot of you that Facebook is the place to be, and many of you still have the…

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  • Buying Facebook Likes: I Thought We Covered This?

    This video talks about buying likes on Facebook. When you buy likes, you have no idea what you are getting, you are being as disingenuine as you possibly could be to your followers, regardless of how many you have. But there is another reason you don’t buy likes today…watch the video to get the answer.

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