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5 Reasons You Still Need to Post on Facebook Regularly

Group of Business People with Social Media ConceptSure organic reach on Facebook is at 2%, but it is important to know that a Facebook page has many benefits for contractors who use it to market their businesses.

It’s taken a long time to convince a lot of you that Facebook is the place to be, and many of you still have the habit of being sporadic at best when it comes to your social media management on platforms like Facebook. So let’s take a look at some of the negative effects of not posting on Facebook on a regular basis.

  1. Missing A Low-Cost Marketing Strategy Opportunities

One thing many contractors fail to understand is, posting on Facebook on a regular basis still gives you the ability to reach your target audience at a low-cost. There are plenty of people on Facebook who may be interested in what you are offering; so by not even attempting to connect with them, means you’ve given away a very important platform.  

  1. You Are Missing The Opportunities To Talk To Existing And Potential Clients

In posting on Facebook regularly, you can strengthen relationships with your existing customers and also unlock referral opportunities that most contractors love. When you don’t post on Facebook on a regular basis, chances are those people who have followed you will never know about anything going on in your company or know about anything you are offering.

  1. Not Posting On Facebook Regularly Will Have Negative Effects On Brand Awareness

Awareness is one of the things that aid breakthrough in any business. In contractor marketing, you have to create awareness for your brand to your target audience, and Facebook is one of the platforms to do that on. When you don’t communicate, no one will take you seriously. Seeing a Facebook page that hasn’t been updated in weeks, months or even years will question your legitimacy as a proper business.

  1. You’re Missing The Chance To Increase Traffic To Your Website

It is understood that every contractor has a construction website by now, right? Facebook is a fantastic platform to use to draw people back to your website. Blog posts, project posts or even updates about your business are great material to use to lead readers back to your website to continue the conversation.

  1. When You Don’t Post On Facebook Regularly Users Will Find It Hard To Locate Your Business

Contractor marketing on Facebook is great in the sense that any business that has an active Facebook page is automatically included in the Facebook places directory. 

Keep in mind, contractor marketing isn’t easy  to do, it’s also not a difficult thing to do when you know how to communicate to your target audience. Posting on Facebook regularly will not only help attract interest from your target audience but also gives you the ability to earn referrals and testimonials for free.


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