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February 2014

  • Losing On Price Can Be Overcome Doing This

    If you are commonly losing jobs because of price, you are probably suffering from this one thing. Do what I suggest in the video to help bring in new business.

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  • How to be “Social” on Social Media by Randy Patton

    My thoughts on being social. You see, social media really is all about selling, just not in the way some have been doing it, incorrectly! Most contractors especially, don’t fully understand the power of social networks in the marketing process. But when you think about it – effective selling (marketing) has always been about engagement…

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  • Contractor Website Tip: Don’t Use Internal Linking at The Cost of Conversion!

    If you employ this linking strategy on the internal pages of your website, you WILL help your site convert higher…which at the end of the day, is your website’s job, right? I mean, it’s not meant to just get found online, it’s meant to convert people too. SEO is all well and good, until the…

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