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How to be “Social” on Social Media by Randy Patton


My thoughts on being social.

You see, social media really is all about selling, just not in the way some have been doing it, incorrectly! Most contractors especially, don’t fully understand the power of social networks in the marketing process.
But when you think about it – effective selling (marketing) has always been about engagement first, because true engagement happens between two people usually. I have seen a lot of contractors that do a great job with their marketing on social media, BUT there are those that just don’t get it!

I have said this before….. you have to share value first!

Some contractors don’t even have a website let alone a blog site to use for marketing. I know it costs money, but what marketing doesn’t? I have had several conversations with other contractors that don’t really understand how it works. In my past blogs I have shared ideas on how to be social and how it works.

The ONE big bug-a-boo I have seen is

I have seen contractors that think it is OK to join in on someone’s conversation and try to take the customer from someone and not even do it in a very professional way! Would you walk up to a customer right in front of another contractor and try to say or do things to get that customer from the other contractor? I think not! So WHY would you do it on social media, right in front of the other contractor.

If you don’t have something nice to say, say nothing!

Ask yourself… Would I say this in a face-to-face conversation, would it sound like me, or would it come across odd? If you wouldn’t say it face-to-face, don’t post it. Most sales professionals know, the long term relationships is in growing the relationship first! A great deal of relationship building energy is focused on getting to know the customer. This is where loyalty, repeat purchases and referrals happen!

Post by Randy Patton of Patton Services, a commercial roof coating contractor working with White Roofing Systems.