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September 2017

  • I Don’t Like What I See & Why That Matters to You

    I look around the world of marketing, construction marketing specifically, and I see so much that’s wrong. So many things in my vertical that are screwing up and screwing over contractors large and small, and I feel like I have to do something about it. I’ve complained about things here and there over the last…

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  • Are You Ready For New Business?

    There is a process I use when I consult with contractors. I start out by asking them a few questions that really gets them thinking about how they treat their business. It works for any kind of company really, but for contractors, it really hits home. I will walk you through it and see how…

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  • Break Things

    Breaking your business is your job. Your job is to punch holes through systems and policies and practices so the customer doesn’t have to see the ugly side of running a construction company. It doesn’t matter if you started yesterday or you are a hundred million dollar home builder, you don’t want to show your…

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