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Break Things

Breaking your business is your job. Your job is to punch holes through systems and policies and practices so the customer doesn’t have to see the ugly side of running a construction company.

It doesn’t matter if you started yesterday or you are a hundred million dollar home builder, you don’t want to show your prospects your uglies, and that’s why you break things inside your organization.

And that’s why I’ve done it here, too!

Since 2005 we’ve provided construction marketing services to contractors big and small. Everything from logos and Google Adwords ads to custom websites to Yellow Pages ads and everything in between.

But construction consulting services has always been a big part of my business mix, and it is becoming a bigger and bigger. Everything from website reviews to campaign performance reviews to growth strategies and business planning has crossed my desk over the years.

It’s time for that to grow even more

Construction consulting companies are huge drivers in the knowledge economy for the obvious reason; many of you like to do your own work, you just don’t know all the in’s and out’s, but you are willing to learn.

As an agency, we’ve filled the gap pretty well, but now I am going to double-down. It’s time consulting took center stage and had a chance to spread its wings.

Why now?

For a few reasons, actually. First and foremost, I’ve seen some real shit outfits hit the street peddling everything from project apps to site builders to hiring and marketing to lead generation and bookkeeping, and you know what, at best, it’s bullshit, at worst, it’s predatory. So I want to clean up the industry I helped create and give back, and that starts with my $5 for 50 program.

The second reason is simple, you can get good enough work done just about anywhere, and good enough is enough to get you started. Once you’ve gotten to a level where you want more than good enough, that’s when we talk. For most construction companies, good enough will be just fine. But for those of you ready to really move the needle, that’s when we need to talk.

I’ve made it crazy easy to get started. I’ve rolled out my $5 for 50 minutes consulting plan for contractors where we spend 50 minutes talking about nothing but YOU! Click any of the links on this page to go to the page where I talk about the $5 for 50, or click here for more info.