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April 2018

  • Another Post Example

    Cupcake ipsum dolor sit amet cheesecake marzipan liquorice. Topping soufflé chocolate gummies brownie ice cream cupcake apple pie. Pastry macaroon cake donut lemon drops. Cheesecake cake apple pie. Candy apple pie tiramisu jelly-o gummi bears. Cake toffee muffin candy canes. Powder tart tiramisu sugar plum. Tootsie roll pastry muffin macaroon marzipan biscuit. Chocolate soufflé muffin…

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  • 5 Things That Will Help You Create Phenomenal Facebook Ads

    Creating a Facebook ad is a little like playing in a sandbox for contractors trying to figure out their marketing. You never quite know what is going to happen until you have finished the entire creative process.  In the sandbox, it is a beautiful sandcastle. With a Facebook ad, it is a marketing campaign that…

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  • The Secret to Building Brand for Contractors Online

    It’s 2018, the key to construction marketing is that you’ve got to be using social media, you know that right? You have to be online, you have to. It’s not as if you can say, well, I’ll get a website, I’m good. You have to be online. Pew Research Center says that 71% of female…

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