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5 Things That Will Help You Create Phenomenal Facebook Ads

Creating a Facebook ad is a little like playing in a sandbox for contractors trying to figure out their marketing. You never quite know what is going to happen until you have finished the entire creative process.  In the sandbox, it is a beautiful sandcastle. With a Facebook ad, it is a marketing campaign that is going to attract thousands or even millions of customers to your business.  

Here are 5 items that will help you create phenomenal Facebook ads:

1. Write an Attention-Grabbing Headline: Your headline should be short, yet clear and to the point.  It should also include action words like get and try, and emphasize the benefits of your services or products.

2. Create a Valuable Offer: People are always going to want what you have if there is something extra in it for them.  So, I always say that you should throw in an extended trial period, or a limited time discount offer, or a freebie.  No sane person is going to turn down any of that!

3. Show Proof: No one is going to believe what you have to say.  After all, would you believe a stranger that you don’t know??  I know that I wouldn’t! Therefore, you are going to want to show proof.  I recommend including testimonials from clients, and descriptions of how many people have benefited from your products or services.

4.Use Colorful Ads: Now before you start thinking that any colorful ads are good, you should know that certain ads stand out more than others.  High-contrast images with strong colors, and light ad images with an almost white background are the two types of ads that stand out the most.  All the rest seem to blend into the background and get missed.

5.Use Carousel Ads: Carousel ads get viewed more than any other type of Facebook ad, and they are perfect because they share more of the story of your business.  You can share up to ten images, videos, links, or a combination of them all, so a person can get a better feel for your company. The one recommendation that I have is making sure that your first slide is amazing, so that people want to stick around for the rest of them. Then keep the story consistent, instead of jumping around, and make sure that there is a call of action in each one.  

You are going to need to create a few different Facebook ads and test them out to see which one will work best for your business.  Thankfully, there are numerous options available with Facebook, and it is easy to switch things up and make changes until you find the ad that reaches the target audience that you want with the conversion rates you need.  

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