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5 Reasons I Don’t Think Contractors Should Use Exact Match Domain Names

how to start social media for construction companyIn setting up a new client, the conversation turned to domain names, and, should they register their company name or an exact match domain. If you aren’t sure what an exact match domain name is, it would look something like this:

“www.philadelphiaplumber.com” or “www.bostonpaintingcontractor.com”

Now, back in the day you could go out and get an exact match domain name and hit the number one spot on Google for that keyword.

Not anymore boys and girls!

Today, EMDs don’t work unless they have other value tied to the site:

  • Good content-This is a must on any site ins’t it?
  • Trust-Would you use your credit card on the site? Seriously, look at each site you visit today, would you give them your credit card?
  • Confidence factors-Associations, affiliations, memberships and awards. How many do you have/belong to? This is important!
  • Age of the domain-Did you register it yesterday or in 2000? The search engines care A LOT about domain age.

If you want to get ranked with these types of URL’s today, the EMD has to have a lot more going for it than just keyword stuffing.

Which leads me to my 5th and final point, or more a question actually, and one that has nothing to do with search engines or algorithms or SEO. When it comes down to it, wouldn’t you rather do the same amount of work and spend the same amount of money to promote YOUR OWN business name versus something like TusconPlumber.com? Just a thought. I’d love to hear what you think so leave a comment below.