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8 Ways to Getting Your Website Sell More Deals

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. The old adage is true, but it is also true that the last impression can be the strongest. Your website is likely to be the first and last place that prospective clients go before deciding to do business with you. You have probably worked diligently to make your website attractive to new visitors, maximized SEO to ensure that customers can find you, and included useful information to draw people in. However, have you done everything that you can to guarantee that those visitors will decide to do business with you?

Features that sell
Websites for contractors need to instill visitors with confidence. Your prospective clients are preparing to spend a significant amount of money, so your website needs to reassure them that you can be trusted to complete quality work within the contracted time. You can use some clever website elements to do this.

As a contractor, the most effective selling tool that you have is pictures of your completed work. Your website should include a gallery of high-quality pictures that feature your best work. Include a variety of photos that demonstrate with the diversity of your skills and the number of homes that you have renovated. The objective of your gallery should be for each person who views it to see a picture that makes them say, “That is what I want. Right there.”

More than anything you can say about yourself, visitors to your website will trust the words of your past satisfied customers. Websites for contractors should always include a page of honest, well-worded testimonials that serve as word of mouth recommendations to the people who are considering hiring you.

Back up those testimonials with certification of your license and insurance. Potential clients will feel better about contacting you when they see that you are fully documented and transparent about it. Give them the sense of security that they need before signing on the dotted line.

Sample job timelines
You can take care of some of the inquiries that you normally receive by providing the information on your website. Along with a large number of pictures of your completed work, you can give potential clients an idea of how long it should take to complete a particular type of job. Sample timelines can give an overview of what needs to occur in what order and how long each task takes. This ensures that you are on the same page to begin a project with realistic expectations. It also gives clients the impression that you have performed tasks enough times to know exactly what to expect and to expedite them professionally.

Request for Quote
Many people who are thinking about hiring you may be intimidated by the idea of picking up the phone and asking for a personal quote. Providing a web form can work to your advantage and theirs. You won’t miss out on leads, and they have the opportunity to carefully write out their wants and needs in the request for quote form. This will provide you with better information going into the quote visit, and helps them feel more comfortable. It is also more convenient for you to respond to their request when you are free than trying to take phone calls requesting quotes while you are out on another job site.

Calls to Action
Each page of your contractor website should include some form of call to action. Encourage visitors to “Call today,” “Request a quote,” or “Tell us what you think.” It may seem obvious, but people will interact more with your website if there are clear instructions to do so. Reassure them that any contact puts them under no obligation, and offer an initial consultation or quote free of charge. “Free” is always a good thing to emphasize.

Concentrate on Content
Each of the above features is important to have included in websites for contractors. In addition, each page needs to have quality content. Establish your company as an expert in home building or renovations by writing a blog that offers homeowners tips and shares evidence of your expertise. Allow visitors to subscribe to your blog or newsletter in order to generate leads.

When utilizing the recommended contractor website features, ensure that images are professional quality and text is well written and informative. Your website has the power to strengthen or weaken your brand name. Make sure that your website visitors are left with a positive impression.

As part of your content, share your company’s mission or your reason for being in business. When you are open about your passion for your work, customers can feel a greater connection to you as a person. They will remember you, not just the number at the bottom of your quote.

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