Ad Creation for Contractors in 6 Easy Steps

Remember Who – What – Where – When – Why and How? Well, I am going to show you how to create your own ads in 5 minutes or less using the 5 W’s.

Here we go:

Who: Your business name, company slogan, logos & USP

What: Information on your range of products and services. Customers need to know what you sell.

Where: Address, phone number (local to the market served), web site, e-mail and areas served.

When: Days and hours if applicable along with emergency numbers.

Why: Reliability, years in business, endorsements, brand names, payment methods, licensed, insured, memberships and affiliations.

WWW: Do you have a website that prospects can visit to learn even more about your business? If not, you better get one!

Once your ad answers the 5 W’s, the ad is well on its way to delivering effective results. Then, you just need to present the information in a way that is logical and pleasing to the consumer’s eyes while running it enough (frequency) to be effective.