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Print Marketing

  • The Benefits of Direct Mail For Contractors in 2015

    We are about to start doing NFL-themed magnetic postcard mailers now that the team schedules have hit the street, and while working on what many (including myself) would consider “old-school” marketing, I started thinking about how great direct mail actually is…especially in 2015. Here’s why… Since the advent of the internet, we’ve seen endless benefits…

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  • Winning The Long Game With Postcards

    In my weekly newsletter yesterday, I talked about postcards and how you can take a 3-second ad and turn it into a year-long billboard placed right inside your prospects kitchen with one simple step. Watch the video to see how you can too. If you want to get the details on from yesterday’s newsletter, sorry,…

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  • Print Isn’t Dead, it Just Sucks…

    I get it. I do. I know most contractors are fantastic craftsman who need all the help they can to sell their products. Which is why I blame the creative that is supposed to sell the product.

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