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The Benefits of Direct Mail For Contractors in 2015

direct mail for contractors

We are about to start doing NFL-themed magnetic postcard mailers now that the team schedules have hit the street, and while working on what many (including myself) would consider “old-school” marketing, I started thinking about how great direct mail actually is…especially in 2015.

Here’s why…

Since the advent of the internet, we’ve seen endless benefits when it comes to how contractors can enhance their marketing and grow their customer base. The fact that with just one click of a button we are able to send out a mass e-mail to everyone in our contact list is truly remarkable.

However, even though there are many positives in using e-mails as a way to contact customers, it has somehow lost its value over the years. The thrill of receiving an e-mail has gone away.

Are you old enough (like me) to remember getting excited like one of Pavlov’s Dobermans when opening up your e-mail and hearing “You’ve Got Mail”? Now, how excited did you get this morning when you opened your inbox and saw 50 new unread e-mails, most of which you can’t wait to obliterate with just one swipe of the finger?

Why direct mail in a digital age?

Studies have shown that in this day and age, and because our lives are so overwhelmed with digital spoilage, people actually WANT to receive snail mail. If it isn’t a mortgage or phone bill, chances are any other kind of personal direct mail gets us excited.

Direct mail for contractors means personal interactions with current customers as well as potential customers, which all in all means almost guaranteed more business for your company. But how, you ask? Here are the benefits of direct mail for contractors…

Makes the Customer Feel Exclusive: When you send out a mass e-mail to all of your customers, even if you’ve included their name at the top, they will feel no sense of exclusiveness or in other words, feeling special.

By sending direct mail you are singling them out and making them aware that you took the time to actually send physical piece of mail to them. Think for a minute how you would feel if someone you’ve hired before sent you a nice letter asking how they can help you again in the future.

Chances are you’d feel pretty special and well thought of. Customers want to know that you genuinely care and sending something regular mail to them is one of the absolute best ways to show them that you and your business really do take their needs and wants into consideration even after some time of not working with you.

It Puts the Focus on Them: One of the most important factors to remember is to not focus or ramble on about your company in the creative you send. Whether it’s a postcard or letter, make it a point to ask how YOU may help THEM.

It shifts the focus to them, which of course make people feel good about themselves and as a result will make them think positively about you. List some ideas or services your company can do for them but always make it about them and try not to generalize what you are stating. Again, make it as personal as you can while still being professional.

A Constant Visual Marketing Tool: What are they going to do with that piece of mail in their home? Maybe they will set it on their spouse’s desk or maybe even stick it on their fridge as a reminder the next time they need a contractor. Either way, you have got a way to keep them thinking about your company for days on end, as opposed to an e-mail that will be deleted.

Remember that although composing and sending out a direct mail piece to your customers may seem like a tedious task, in the long run you will be happy you did. You’ll start to realize that customers need personal attention and when they receive it, only good things can come from it for both them and your contracting business.

If you want to get started with a direct mail program but don’t know how, we are currently running NFL-inspired magnetic mailers that will sit on people’s refrigerators all season long, so give us a call or email to find out more!