Print Isn’t Dead, it Just Sucks…

I get it. I do. I know most contractors are fantastic craftsman who need all the help they can to sell their products. Which is why I blame the creative that is supposed to sell the product.

My rant here isn’t against the advertisers but the creative that is usually done by salespeople at these publications who know nothing about creating ads that convert! So, if you want to leave your business success to salespeople, then go right ahead. If you want to be in business five years from now, learn how to create great ads or stick to the web.


5 responses to “Print Isn’t Dead, it Just Sucks…”

  1. Darren: I had a good chuckle from your video. Had a similar experience recently with my painting contractor who was somewhat “talked into” a “great” print ad deal. Well the print ad just pulled info. from his business card and the background was rainbow. Yuk! He complained and luckily didn’t have to pay. Also, a few years ago he had a phone book ad where they used several starburst images! I would agree that few publications have seasoned graphics people who care about the client’s ad.

  2. The “MFCEO” is on the fence about print media, and we actually met with a rep last Friday trying to peddle garbage advertising in a similar mag. I am so scared to invest the money in an ad, and it produces no results. – HENCE your only chance is to develop a great ad. – Thanks Darren.

  3. I agree with the junk rag ads. But I think there is still something to be said about other print channels…… just sayin…..