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  • The Relationship Game

    If your pitches are telling you that you lost by a few grand, and you thought you had a good relationship or rapport with them, you didn’t. If you don’t even get a chance to counter, you had no relationship at all. If you aren’t creating a compelling reason to work with you besides money,…

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  • You Do You

      For contractors, just be you and don’t worry about being a brand. Don’t be something you’re not. Its always better to just be 10% more of you than 100% more of something else. What I mean is, just elevate your personality 10% more for the web; in your videos, in your images, with your…

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  • Passion Above All

    Steve Jobs said, and I’m paraphrasing, you have to love what you are doing because if you don’t when it gets really hard, you will quit. That’s where passion comes in When you find it hard to generate new business, find the right talent, get that prospect to sign, you have to have passion. Passion…

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