So, congratulations…you finally have a website. You have a website don’t you? Now, you are probably sitting there saying, OK, what’s next? Maybe I’ll give this blogging thing a shot. Seems to work for that Slaughter guy.

Blogging for Contractors…Writing

If you want to start blogging on your site to develop new leads or prospects, I ask you to do the following first.

Sit down and write 30 posts that are 250-500 words each.

If you get stuck there, don’t bother blogging. If you think you have the chops, keep reading.

The rules of blogging for contractors

The best post you can put out there is the one that creates an image of you and your company in a way that reader remembers. There is no point in writing in a way that no one can recall, your goal is to develop new business, not kill time like those guys that sit in Starbucks…wait, that’s me.


You want to write in a way that isn’t to ‘inside baseball’. In other words, write with simplicity that someone who knows nothing about what you do can understand. Keep it clear and easy to understand.

Third…Different people read differently

Some people read headlines, others read bullets or lists, while others look for bold or italics. Give each type of reader something to sink their teeth into in your posts. This will keep them reading and happy.

Don’t dawdle

I do this a lot. I write like I speak, which means I would be talking with my hands, but I am typing…so I guess I do.

The above was useless text that this post could have done without. But I use it to build around a point. My point here is YOU don’t need to write like that. People want to get their info and move on. I just don’t happen to care since I have given away tens of thousands of free advice here and if people don’t like it, they can go to Footbridge. It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to.

Lastly…Know your shit!

If you can’t get across to a buddy at a Starbucks or having a beer what it is you do, and how you do it, and how you do it better than the 30 other schmucks that do it…then you might want to avoid blogging.

Here’s why

What you are doing is setting yourself up as the expert. And that is very powerful. People want to buy from people they perceive to be knowledgeable. Not salesy.

If you can, over time, convince your audience that you know what you are doing, then people will come to you, and you can spend some of those advertising dollars you have spent on more fruitful things…like a new truck or vacation.