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Blogging For Contractors: You Create New Content Everyday! Use It!

Chris at bloggingpainters.com asked me yesterday what were the best ways for contractors to develop content.

That’s easy…

Use what you do everyday on the jobsite as content for your construction blogging!
Can’t see video: Click here.

5 responses to “Blogging For Contractors: You Create New Content Everyday! Use It!”

  1. Chris Avatar

    Great tips Darren, I so agree about the “brain drain”! By “giving away” our knowledge, we are actually establishing ourselves as experts in our fields. Your blog is a great example and resource. Thanks for the kind words about the site, we have a great group of painters contributing their knowledge, it has been a lot of fun collaborating!

  2. Bridget Willard Avatar
    Bridget Willard

    Another great post from Darren. Thanks.

    1. Darren Avatar

      Thanks Bridget!!!

  3. Chris Avatar
    1. Darren Avatar

      Thank you Chris for the kind words! I am truly thankful you like my stuff!