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Breaker Breaker…Don’t Make Me Guess Your Handle for God’s Sake!

What Good is telling the world you want them to follow you on Twitter and Facebook if you don’t tell them who you are and why they should follow you? Big brands get loyal followers…the rest of us have to work for our likes and followers. People aren’t going to just say hey, let’s follow them. You are going to have to entice them with a reason.

  • Let them see a project come together
  • Offer a promotion
  • Provide a DIY series

Something that moves them to action, because just asking for the like or follow isn’t going to get it done. And for God sake, when you do ask…make sure you give them your handles!

Nothing pisses me off more than to see ad space taken up on some form of marketing with big Twitter and Facebook logos with the familiar “Follow Us” and no handles! Do you think people have time to figure out who the hell you are online? They don’t have enough time for their own families!

So take the logical next step please and provide your social media handles in your marketing so people don’t have to try and figure out who you are…because they won’t!