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Building Trust Into Your Contractor Website

196HWhen it comes to your contractor website, you have to make sure you bake into the design and content these three key ingredients; know, like and trust. Without these things, the phone won’t ring. Pure and simple. But do it right and it can make for a much easier sales process. Here are some ways you can build these aspects into your contractor website starting today.

Add Testimonials

Potential customers want to see that your work has been done well and your past customers are satisfied customers. By adding just 3 or 4 testimonials on your website it allows for this exact thing. For example, let’s say you’ve just completed a job and the customer sends you a great e-mail about how much they loved your work and how great your customer service was during the whole process. Simply ask if it is okay with them to post their words as a testimonial on your website. Chances are they won’t care.

Think of it this way…when you are searching for a hotel to stay at for your upcoming vacation, the first thing you usually want to see are the reviews. Any website can say they are the best thing since sliced bread, but testimonials confirm the fact. What your past clients or customers say is always going to mean more to prospects than what you say. It is the exact same with your own website; potential customers want to see what other people just like them have to say about your business. If you have some sort of evidence that you’ve got a long list of happy and satisfied customers, chances are people will trust you and your business increasingly more than without it.

Write in a Welcoming & Friendly Tone

When we write content for contractors, we avoid writing only facts and statements about the company that have no depth to what we are trying to say. People’s days are already full of reading monotonous notes, e-mails and memos and the last thing they want to do is read a boring page on your website.

Fill your pages with friendly information and simply welcome them to join in on what you are able to do for them. Separate your business from the rest of the business websites out there and allow readers to actually enjoy learning about your business. What is different about your business from the same type of one just down the street? Remember to always be positive and uplifting with your words that will entice people to want to keep reading more. You want to also make sure you include benefits to them, because it’s always about them, remember that.

Add Pictures of Projects

Testimonials provide social proof, images confirm the facts. Just about anyone could write a whole page about all of the work they do and different projects they have accomplished through the use of words. What makes a difference is when people can actually see photos of these projects that are either in development or have already been finished. Pictures make things just a little more interesting and tend to draw people in to stay on your page longer.

Again, people who visit your website have most likely spent most of their days reading just words on a page, so by adding pictures, it will automatically grab their attention. There are even a few successful contractor websites out there that have more pictures than words their results show that it works! It may sound like you are missing out on an opportunity to tell them the whole story on a project you just finished, but keep in mind that famous phrase, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” With that being said, let the picture do the talking and enable the customer to really see the potential you and your business can bring for them.

By making each of these aspects a priority on your construction website, it will make your offline sales process much easier. Instead of having to explain over the phone or in a meeting with a potential customer what your business can do for them, they already know because they have read about it on your website. Building trust of your business before even meeting a customer is one of the best ways to cut down on the offline sales process of your business.