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Construction Marketing

  • Amazon’s Alexa, My Daily Briefing and You

    So happy to announce that you can get daily briefings from me on your Alexa-enabled device by adding DarrenSlaughter dot Com to your daily brief. But I am more excited to help any contractor out there with the vision to see that in 18 months, everyone is going to have an app an wants to…

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  • Home Improvement Facebook Ads

    Blogging, blogging is still the best long-term construction marketing strategy you can deploy over the long term, but Facebook for contractors really is the go-to lead gen resource today. You can stop running Adwords ads, they cost a fortune and only get at prospects who are far along the buying process. Facebook advertising for contractors…

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  • Preemptive Claims in Construction Marketing

    The Preemptive claim…it is a pretty cool advertising “trick” whereby stating something (first) that is common in your industry gives you credit for creating or at least championing. From roasting tobacco to sterilizing bottles, preemptive claims can be useful in construction marketing too. Just think about your industry and see what you can use to claim as…

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