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  • The Relationship Game

    If your pitches are telling you that you lost by a few grand, and you thought you had a good relationship or rapport with them, you didn’t. If you don’t even get a chance to counter, you had no relationship at all. If you aren’t creating a compelling reason to work with you besides money,…

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  • Sell The Dream

    Even though we as consumers buy things every day, we hate being sold to. If you can change the focus of selling off of the service you offer (decks, additions, drain snaking) and focus on how you can serve the customer, the more money you will make. When thinking about the client base you serve,…

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  • How to Hire a Marginal Candidate in a Tough Construction Job Market

    This was yesterday’s newsletter topic. Occasionally, I will post my newsletter to the general blog to give you an idea as to what we talk about, and to give you a chance to sign up. So, if you like this topic, sign up for the weekly newsletter by clicking here. I hope this week’s newsletter…

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